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PUMA –Protection Universelle Maladie

Replacing the CPAM as from 1st January 2016

CPAM - Caisse Primaire d’Assurance MaladieOn 1st January 2016, a new social system has come into play in France to replace the CPAM , known as PUMA (protection Universelle Maladie )

This reform guarantees that everyone who works or lives permanently in France has a right to regular health care and cover throughout the time they are permanently resident in France.The purpose of this reform being to simplify the health care process in France , to ensure continued health cover and reduce the administrative paperwork we have all experienced thus far.

PUMaThis reform is an update of the CMU which was started in 1999 aimed to give health insurance rights to persons residing in France on a stable and regular basis, and who were not covered by any other Compulsory health scheme. This reform disposes of the strict fulfillment of administrative conditions to warrant the CMU insurance cover - example, if you were employed, you had to justify having worked enough to access your rights ; If you were unemployed or retired, you had to prove your income, residence status and pension rights etc., and renew your cover annually, providing all the same details, justifications and complete the forms again each year.From 1st January 2016, with the introduction of PUMA, anyone who works or resides in France in a stable and regular manner has the right to health care and cover of costs to a certain degree. As a result, the qualifying conditions are simplified. Employees no longer have to demonstrate a minimum activity, the fact that they work is enough.
For persons without a professional activity, they benefit from the support of health cover and costs simply by having a stable and regular residence in France.

Carte VitaleTO RECAP:

  • The simplification and continuity of rights for the insured, no disruption in health cover.
  • Each person has their own health cover – there are no dependants EXCEPT for minors.
  • Each person has their own registration, called an Ameli account and receives their own statements of reimbursement for health cover – this will help in situations of divorce and separation etc.

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