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Welcome to Your French Matters,


If you wish to modify your monthly payment for the local taxes of Habitation and Fonciere then you can do this by creating a personal account online via the government website impots.gouv.fr

If you do not have a personal tax account then you can create one using :

  • Your teledeclarant number which is on your blue form received last year from the tax office that is used for your personal French tax declaration (2042)

  • Your fiscal reference on your avis d’imposition or your blue form

  • Your revenu fiscal de refererence on your avis d’imposition received from your local tax office after the completion of last years tax return (it looks like a habitation or fonciere form )

  • An email address

If you have loans that you cannot pay or utility bills then you need to address these issues directly with the bank or utility provider and they should be able to help in some way to arrange an easier payment plan for the time being.

If payments for March have already been processed for local taxes then you need to contact the tax office via your message service and online tax account to ask for them to be paid back in the first instance to pay them at a later date.


Via your professional government online account, you can change your monthly payments for taxes that you are having difficulty paying such as CFE (cotiation Fonciere des entreprises, TVA)

Declarations of business income can be pushed back 3 months so either 1 trimester if you pay and declare quarterly or 3 months if you pay monthly via the autoentrepreneur website. You will still have to complete a declaration as a zero return and then declare the income earned a maximum of three months later

TO CONFIRM – the income earned will still have to be declared and charges paid against this but you have the option to delay it by up to three months.

If you are a small business with a turnover of less than 1 million euros per year then you could benefit from financial help of up to 1500 euros from the French government . In order to be eligible you have to prove that your turnover has reduced by at least 70% from March 2019- March 2020 and your business needs to have been created before March 2019. At the time of writing this how to apply has not been determined but it will be via the DGFIP website and a form that needs completing

The government are issuing financial help on their professional website from 1st April up to a maximum of 1500 euros. If you would like to try to obtain this help, please go onto the website impots.gouv.fr and have a look and if you get stuck then let me know and I can try to help:

You will need :

Your siret number

A Rib

If your business is over a year, then the turnover for March 2019 compared to March 2020 which has to show a 70% reduction

If your business is less than a year then your turnover per month I believe they are asking for


You have to declare your tv licence payment for the rental properties you have by 25/04/2020.

Up to 2 TV’s for your clients is 138 euros per TV

Above 3 then it is 96.60 euros per TV

If you don’t have any TV’s then a nil declaration again has to be completed.

If I can help in any way if you can contact me

A complete service to help you settle into life in France.

Set up in 2009 & with a portfolio of over 250 clients, our aim is to help alleviate all the stress and worry of taking the plunge and moving to France or buying a second home in France.

With offices’ in the Charente Maritime (17) and the UK, we provide support, help & assistance to individuals, families, businesses and homeowners in France.

Our help ranges from letter writing and phone calls, helping with house sales & purchases, French annual tax returns, certified translations, getting into the French health care system along with anything else you need help or advice with.

Having lived & worked in France for over 13 years, not only have I experienced so many of the issues you may come across but I have also accrued numerous contacts and links with professionals; so really am equipped to deal with any issue, no matter how small, or bizarre it may seem.


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