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More efficient ways to save than the Livret A or Assurance Vie’s and reduce your tax income tax at the same time.


As part of my work for Your French Matters I have the opportunity to work with many interesting clients and on their behalf I often likewise meet many interesting professionals with different areas of expertise.

efficient ways to saveI have recently been invited to meet with a group of people, many of whom I have known for some while through my work anyway, who offer opportunities for better investment coupled with tax reduction advantages, hitherto offered to their French clients. It was working with one of these professionals - a Notaire, on behalf of one of my clients that we got talking and the invitation arose.

Their point was that traditional investment opportunities such as a Livret A or Assurance Vie have only offered minimal returns for some years now which is unlikely to change anytime soon. Even the Government has finally realised this - hence the tax advantage.

The scheme is based around investment in society and people rather than some large banking organisation which returns little to the individual. I should say at this juncture that all investments are protected by insurance and fully controlled.

The idea is that not only does any investment go directly into developing social and health projects and areas like approved new businesses, thereby helping the Government to regenerate the economy but they also give a better return to the investors thereby helping to reduce the pension 'time bomb' partly caused by poor traditional bank returns, which is an issue in France, as it is in the UK.

Since my first meeting with these organisations, I have returned a number of times to ensure that I understand both the concept and that I am happy with the products, proposals and guarantee of safe investment, before recommending their services to you.

If you pay over 1000 € per year in income tax in France (excluding social charges ) and would like to reduce or eliminate this tax OR if you wish to change your livret A or savings account to a product with a higher rate of return OR you have money you wish to invest efficiently and securely with a decent return then I can arrange an appointment in which I will happily act as a translator - at no cost to yourselves. My cost is paid as part of any development costs within any scheme - should you decide to proceed.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting , please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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