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Here are some client testimonials.....

I just wanted to write and say thank you so very much for your amazing work!! You are so quick, responsive and totally on top of things. You’ve done amazing work for us and I am incredibly grateful for all you’ve done with the translations.

I hope you have a lovely evening and that you’re able to relax.

Thank you so very much!


Please don’t take this as patronising but …. do you know how highly you are valued down here? Everybody says ‘if you’ve got a problem ring Laura!' …. I owe you a glass or two!!!


Thank you for your assistance with registering my motorcycle in France, I have had previous experience in this matter when i registered my car and i found the process to be very time consuming and expensive, So I contacted Laura Morley at 'Your French Matters' , Laura sorted all the paperwork out for me, dealt with all the French bureaucracy and made the whole process stress free and I received the 'Carte Grise' within five weeks, I would thoroughly recommend Laura's services to anyone struggling with the French paperwork,

Thank you Laura Iwill definitely be using your services again,

Steve Rudderforth

24800 St Martin de Fressengeas



Laura you are brilliant!! My god, you should be running the country! Thanks so much for all of that and particularly for help with Eugene’s carte vitale - that’s such a relief.


Je vous ai déjà envoyé plusieurs clients, qui ont été très satisfaits de la qualité de vos services et je vous en remercie.
Avocat au Barreau de Paris

We were put in contact with Laura upon our arrival in France in 2012. Now being 2015 we still call upon Laura to help us with many issues and have become very good friends due to the trust we have found in Laura which is necessary when you are asking a complete stranger to process your finances and help you register in France. Trust is paramount and we have complete faith and trust in Laura regarding personal matters.

Laura will always respond fast to your emails and will go that extra mile to help you.

The range of matters Laura has resolved for us in France is vast. Even if query/problem is not listed on her website always ask, as there is not much Laura can't find you an answer for.

T & M D - West Villreal 47210


When we moved to France three years ago we were incredibly naive about how the system worked from setting ourselves up as an auto entrepreneur to how to register for health care.

Laura came to our rescue by sorting everything out for us and she always promptly replies to our emails and completes the necessary paperwork for us to sign. We know with confidence that our French tax is submitted correctly and on time.

Laura has helped us survive the paperwork in our retirement here in France, we love the life here and are very thankful for her support and help, for the past and future

H & G


I can't speak highly enough of the professional, friendly and fast service that Laura provides.

uring my 5 years in France, she compiled and submitted my tax return each year and dealt with any queries on my behalf. Since returning to the UK 18 months ago, Laura has continued to help me in dealing with residual issues that the French tax authorities require.

If you need guiding through the French tax system, look no further than Laura - you will not be disappointed. 

Professor B D

I was put in touch with Laura on high recommendation. The service and advice that she has provided more then justifies the high recommendation.

Her explanations are clear and concise which instills confidence and trust.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone who needs help with any French documentation.

Thank you for being first class with the services you offer.
D & C S


Laura Morley has been dealing with our tax returns and helping us with the necessary administration for the health system for the last 4 years.

She is a lady of great integrity, is very good at her profession and we have been very pleased and satisfied with everything Laura has dealt with for us.

D.C. & D.K. R

We have been clients of Laura for over four years, we find Laura to be very professional in all things that she does for us, very efficient in answering all our questions and all problems dealt with quickly and should she have to wait for answers she will keep us informed and up to date.
We would not hesitate to give her details to anyone needing her services. and have done so.


Laura has been doing translation work for us for over a year, both translating official documents and, more commonly, making phone calls (realtors, merchants, utility companies, etc.) on our behalf.

e have been delighted with her service & professionalism and her rates are very reasonable.

Michael R

Laura has offered us a professional and friendly service with some of the more complicated administrative processes, that are required to help us integrate into the French way of life since moving here from the UK.

We would certainly recommend her expertise to others facing similar issues when relocating to France!

F & Paul B

“I can't say enough about the excellent work that Laura Morley, Your French Matters, has done for both myself and my family.

Coming to France wearing our ‘rose coloured spectacles’ with the prospect of a bright future for us all could not have been further from the truth. Trying to deal with not only the language barrier but all the paperwork that goes with it was a nightmare and created an enormous stress on the family.

Laura was recommended to me by a friend and after our initial meeting, relieved does not even come close to how I felt. It didn’t take Laura long before the majority of our finances were in place and three years on we could not be more content with our life in France.

I still use the services of Your French Matters and will continue to do so for the unforeseeable future. I see Laura as the captain of our ship and I can recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who seeks help and advice with their financial and translation difficulties here in France. ”


I was introduced to Laura at "Your French Matters" several years ago and since that time I have consulted with her on a number of occasions on financial and property matters. She is always helpful and deals with my queries without delay. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.


We have found Laura to be invaluable since moving to France

having built our home here and having two children in France she has helped with every aspect of paperwork and day to day life.

It has taken the stress out of running our business and given us peace of mind.

I have had no hesitation in recommending yourfrenchmatters in the past and will continue to do so.


We were initially acquainted with Ms Laura Morley in Feb 2010 when she worked for a local enterprise and Laura was their expat liaison specialist predominantly dealing with British expatriates like ourselves who did not understand the French system relating to businesses.

Laura helped us set up our business and dealt with ail the legal requirements including the start up documentation, registering the business, submitting our tax habitation and tax foncieres and many other day to day requirements necessary for running a business and house in rural France.

When Laura started her own business in 2011 we naturally followed as we wished to continue with the relationship and since then have been using her excellent services up to the present day.

Laura has a no nonsense approach to business advice and has provided us with an extremely professional and friendly service and the personal touch that Laura gives us has lifted the worries of ensuring we adhere to the legal requirements of running a business in France as well as adapting and fulfilling the French legal paperwork required in our day today living in France.

Laura is also equipped to meet each individual's specific requirements as she's very approachable and it is such a relief to be able to talk to someone who will take the time to explain in plain English whatever difficult situations we may encounter, which is a must for people like ourselves whose spoken and written French is limited.

We have benefited both professionally and financially from her guidance and would have been completely loss without her help and she has guided us through the minefield of French bureaucracy. She's honest, patient and offers real quality of service and we would be very happy to highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional advice whatever the circumstances may be.


Laura Morley as Tax Advisor

We have lived in France for nearly 9 years.

For several years my husband and I spent considerable time trying to make our financial affairs fit the French tax system; we each have 12 work pension payments a year and 13 state pensions, that is a total of 50 payments received, each arriving at the current rate of exchange – i.e. different every time.

At the same time we have many different expenses, some of which are subject to tax rebates, if one knows how to go about it! In trying to complete the tax forms, I found that the jargon has so many words beyond my knowledge that I could not be certain I was answering truthfully, although my level of normal French is quite good.

Each time I went into the Hotel des Impôts with our papers ready some complication arose. The rules change each year; e.g. one year the State pension went into the “free of tax” column, the next it did not. The clerks tried to help us, but always ended up saying “This is too complicated; come back at..” a time too close to the deadline for my comfort!

Four years ago, we began to offer Chambres d’Hotes. This added complications. There are two different rates of tax on takings. I could not understand what made the difference.

Each Spring I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get to grips with the matter and, normally fit, ended up with severe stomach ache each time I thought about it.

Two years ago we heard Laura talk at an evening seminar in Saintes. It was too late to ask her to do 2010’s declaration, but we did so for 2011. The difference was incredible.

We did all basic preparation and collated information. We sent almost everything to her by email. Laura did the rest. She explained what we had to do to obtain the preferential tax rate on the Chambres d’Hôtes; she put together our total declaration and submitted it. Nothing further was needed from us until we received the official Tax Due statement in the summer.

We had to pay less tax than the previous year when we had lost money by our lack of understanding. Laura’s fee was covered. I did not suffer from chronic stomach ache!
We shall continue to use her as long as she continues to operate. She is totally honest and understands the interactions of the British and French tax systems.

We would highly recommend her services.

J & G W


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