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Taxation of Income in France

The system of 'Pay-As-You-Earn' may well have been in existence in the UK for a long while now but it is new and being imposed only now in France .

For many households and certainly expats living in France , there will be very little practical difference.

This is because several million households already elect to pay 'on account' (over 10 months) provisional payments of income tax to which they may be liable in the year, based on the tax they paid in the previous year.

However, the double imposition of income tax in 2019 has meant that the government have been obliged to forgo tax revenues due on 2018 income - in most cases!

Here is how it could affect you and your taxation this year

From January 2019 the tax office will deduct a sum each month (15th day) as a withholding tax on income. The sum payable would have been advised on your income tax notice.

In May 2021, everyone will be obliged make a tax return on their 2020 income,

Preparation for the French income tax return



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