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Tax Services

Whether you are a permanent French resident, living in France or a non resident with a business interest to declare in France, I can complete your annual French income tax return and send you calculations in advance of any tax or social contributions to pay.

French tax is very complicated, especially as it calculated very differently to UK tax, the main reason being that in France, you are taxed as a household unit (foyer fiscal), and in the United Kingdom, you are taxed as an individual.

It is often surprising also, that people tend to pay less income tax than in the United Kingdom but in France, you also have to pay in addition a further tax ''Social Contributions" on many of your incomes, which pay towards the social debt of France

As a permanent French resident, your potential taxable revenue concerns your total Worldwide income received during the taxable year from your household (Foyer Fiscal). This means that all sources of your income need to be declared and reviewed on the French Income tax return form.

I purchase official French tax office software annually to complete the returns which means I can send them directly to every tax office and link up electronically.

If you have set up a French SCI to purchase a property for yourself or rental property then I can help you with your annual SCI declaration which is also due for completion annually in May , even if you receive no income from it.

I can help with the completion of UK tax returns if you are a resident in France and ensure that you are paying the correct tax in both France and the UK and only declaring what is necessary in the 2 countries.

As a resident in France, you have to pay income tax to the French authorities but depending on what income this is from , you may be eligible to reclaim the tax paid in the UK and then be paying it solely in France under the French – English double taxation treaty. You cannot do this until you have completed a first French income tax return but then I am here to help you through this process.


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