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A new tax payment system of ‘deduction-at-source’ was introduced from 1st January 2019 and will concern almost all French tax paying citizens, including employees, civil servants, retirees, self employed, landlords etc.

In practical terms, nothing changed in 2018 – tax paid based on 2017 income. As of 1 January 2019, tax will be deducted from 2019 income.

For many, this proved beneficial as the current tax system operates on a back dated basis of 1 year. This new system will mean that French citizens will no longer have to put money aside concerning French derived income.

The rules governing the way tax is calculated will not change, particularly with regard to pay scales and the consideration given to marital and family situations.

Your local tax office remained your point of contact for taxation issues and also the sole organisation that receives and deals with the tax information provided in the tax declaration. Taxpaying couples will be able to opt to pay different rates of tax to each other.

For non French people, resident in France , things did not alter greatly as any income derived from outside of France cannot be subject to a withholding tax , so in terms of UK pensions, bank interest and UK rental income etc.. the way tax is calculated and declared did not alter greatly .

Even with the introduction of tax paid at source, every household is obliged to complete a French tax return.

You may have received letters from the tax officials asking you to verify your personal details , specifically your social security number as it is from your SS number that they will collect any tax if necessary.

If you receive the letters, they needed to be completed and returned by the deadline of 15th January 2018.

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