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Carte Grise (Certificat d’Immatriculation)If you have exported your car from your country of origin into France and wish to put it on French number plates and get French car insurance then you will need the following :

  • Quitus Fiscale (déclaration d’impôt). Available from your local tax office, this is a document that proves to your local prefecture that VAT has been paid on your vehicle when it was brought into the country. If you do not have this then they could in theory charge tax you on the car. If you are importing a car from outside the EU, duty is payable at the point of entry and you will need a customs document to again prove that any VAT or other applicable taxes have been paid (Certificat de Douane 846A). You will need proof of your address in France, such as an EDF bill, proof of your identity such as a passport and your original sales receipt from where you bought the car for the Quitus Fiscale. They can’t tax you twice and your sales invoice will show that UK duty has been paid on your car.
  • Proof of Identity. This is usually a passport in the case of UK citizens who do not carry identity cards as a matter of course. Photo driving licences also work.
  • Proof of Address. An EDF bill dated within three months is the best form of proof of address. Water bills are also good or fixed telephone bills.
  • attestation de conformitéCertificate of Conformity. (certificat/attestation de conformité). This basically says your car has not been altered and of original manufacturers’ construction. This is generally expected to be in French and it usually costs money. You can try to obtain the certificate from the UK manufacturer of your vehicle. It is usually the Homologation Department whomever you approach and they may or may not charge you. Please note the authorities in France may not accept the UK document as it is not from the French branch of your manufacturer.
  • Contrôle TechniqueValid Contrôle Technique (CT report). This is the French equivalent of the MOT, which is required for cars of four years and older. You must have a CT that is dated within six months of re-registering the car. To obtain a CT, you are often asked for a certificate of conformity. This is not always the case. Check your UK reg document and line K. If the type approval number starts: e*2001/, then you may well be able to obtain your CT without a certificate of conformity for the car. You will need to check this at your local CT Centre.
  • V5cYour original car registration document. Please note that when they process your Carte Grise (French car registration document) the authorities at the prefecture will take your original UK or original car registration document from the country of origin. My advice to you all is to take a copy of this before you re-register your vehicle, just in case.

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