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Changes to Furnished lets in France

Furnished lets in FranceMany people who relocate to France decide to rent out a gîte, studio or part of their house during the holiday season to make some extra money or to gain access to the health system in France.

The rules have recently changed in regards to the registration and taxation on furnished holiday lets, a brief overview is below but should you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If the revenue from your holiday let gives a minimal income and IS NOT your main form of income then you can be considered as a non professional activity. You need to inform your local Greffe du tribunal de commerce and complete a form P0i, opting normally for the micro régime which is the simplest form of registration. If your revenue is over 23 000.00 € OR you wish to register the business as a professional activity (maybe in order to obtain health cover in France ) you would most likely opt for the micro entrepreneur system (previously Auto Entrepreneur )

Under this system you declare your turnover quarterly and pay charges to RSI for social cover and into the French Pension pot .

Typical gite roomIf you are not registered with a recognized organization for holiday lets such as the Gîtes de France etc.. then you are classified as a service provider and can earn approximately 32 000.00 € per year and will pay 22.7% in charges as opposed to 13.1% if you are classified and considered a commercial activity, including having a higher turnover limit of 80 000.00 € per year.

In terms of your personal tax declaration and your rental activity, the rental income will be subject to income tax along with any other forms of income you have to declare , after a set reduction of 50% which is deemed to cover your expenses. If your rental has been officially recognized then the reduction for expenses is increased to 79% , which means that you are only taxed on 21% of your gross income.

You will also have the annual CFE (Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises ) tax to pay which is available online only from October each year and is a professional tax based on your turnover and the size of the rental property. You still need to register your rental property as a furnished holiday let at your local mairie via the Cerfa form 14004*02 , otherwise you could face a fine

Taxe de Sejour

This tourist tax is put in place by your local commune and is a daily charge per person that you need to invoice separately.

Typical Gite BedroomTo find out the amount and how to declare and pay your taxe de Séjour you need to see either your local mairie or Tourist office and they will explain the charges and how to declare – some area it is declared monthly , others online etc.. it depends on where you live and how they operate.


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