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Certified Translation ServicesCertified Translation Services

  • Translations to get into the social health system

  • Help with notarial issues – buying and selling properties

  • Help with legal documents

  • Help with inheritance issues

  • Translations of all documents.

In 2010, I decided to obtain my qualification to be a sworn translator.

I passed and became part of the certified translators of the Charente Maritime area (traductrice assérmentée).

I am now able to carry out official translations for clients for the courts, social organisations , notaires and all other official bodies.

As a registered sworn translator I am able to translate all paperwork for you inclusive of official certificates, documents and letters.

I can also act as a registered, legal translator for you in court, with solicitors or lawyers should you require this service I can give you a personalised quotation depending upon distance and further details surrounding your needs.

certified translators of the Charente Maritime area (traductrice assérmentée


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