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Business ServicesBusiness Services

  • Guidance setting up, modifiying or closing a small French business ‘micro entreprise’

  • Help with business turnover returns

  • Help with business administration

  • Help employing staff

  • Understanding social systems (RSI, CIPAV, ) –what your charges are for, how they are calculated and whats rights you have.

  • Letter writing

  • Insurance for your business (public liability, Décennale)

  • Setting up a bank account for your business

  • Renting out a property

  • Help setting up an accounts and invoicing system that works for you

  • Help with legal issues

I will advise you on the possibilities available to you if you are thinking about setting up a business in France and the difference between the various business registrations in France, such as an EURL, EIRL, SARL, SCI, which one would be better for you in terms of your activity, estimated turnover and needs, etc.

I work in collaboration with a chartered accountant that can help with Corporate business set up, annual accounts, TVA returns and employment needs.

There are numerous differences, yet also similarities between the differing regimes which can mean they are extremely confusing so it is beneficial to have guidance in order that errors are not made which can be costly to new businesses and to ensure that you understand fully how to correctly run a business in France in order to make it as profitable as possible.

Once the business is set up , I can remain ‘on hand’ to help with the vast amount of paperwork that arrives in the intial stages of a business set up and along the way when the various declarations and other documents need to be completed.

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