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Welcome to Your French Matters,

A complete service to help you settle into life in France.

Set up in 2009 & with a portfolio of over 250 clients, our aim is to help alleviate all the stress and worry of taking the plunge and moving to France or buying a second home in France.

With offices’ in the Charente Maritime (17) and the UK, we provide support, help & assistance to individuals, families, businesses and homeowners in France.

Our help ranges from letter writing and phone calls, helping with house sales & purchases, French annual tax returns, certified translations, getting into the French health care system along with anything else you need help or advice with.

Having lived & worked in France for over 13 years, not only have I experienced so many of the issues you may come across but I have also accrued numerous contacts and links with professionals; so really am equipped to deal with any issue, no matter how small, or bizarre it may seem.


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